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CM Stories - Swansea City /Robbie B  
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After winning everything in my second season with United (story to come soon) i decided to restart and play Division three team Swansea.. To see JUST how good i was...

So starting up the game and choosing the club i was shivering in fear as the directors asked to be battling bravely against relegation. Not so easy i told myself as I scoured through the team...

So figuring out the team would be no problem i told myself as i listed the players and started the bidding.... Of course a hole in your plans had to happen... Nicky Cusack said he would retire which meant i couldn't have him in my long term plans... how crap i asked myself.

So... Ryan Casey, and Jason Price all went to Nottingham Forest along with Mark Clode to Colchester, Martin Thomas went to Motherwell and i stopped the selling to start buying some nice gems...

Stuart Irvine (19), Stuart Maynard (17), Matt Spencer (18), Glenn Taylor (16), Alan Johnson (27) became the new boys of youth to join my team... And with that i was set to storm division three...

But like i said... another hole would soon appear....

Roger Freestone my Goalkeeper quite unhappy that i "forgot" to sell him promptly had the cheek to ask for a transfer! Whats worst is it was a week before the season starts!

But stuff him i thought... And in came Andy Oakes from none other than Derby County!!!!

First match up against Rivals Cardiff City became a simple 2-0 cruise including youngster Taylor scoring on his debut..

This game followed by the League Cup 1st round 1st leg against QPR.. so humming over to London i was pretty chuffed to come back with a 1-1 draw.. Come on who expects SWANSEA to draw AWAY to QPR!?!

Soon enough another match at Southend which we won 3-0, this followed by Darlington at home which was a 4-0 cruise... On form i played the same team against...QPR!!!

So, needing a win or a 0-0 draw I watched on in awe and went of a happy man as i saw my team beat QPR 2-1 which gave me a bit of a heart attack... We just beat a division 1 club i said to myself... Well Division three should be no problem...

In came, Hartlepool (4-1) and Chester (4-2) followed by an annoying match against Cambridge (2-1) And Brentford (5-0!!!!)

At the top of the table already and wondering why the heck the board asked to AVOID relegation... It started to get me thinking. After the near scare with Cambridge i looked over the last few matches and all the Stats...

Shockingly in the past games my stikers (all 4) had only scored... 3 TOTAL! Which left quite a bit to be answered for seeing we scored 24 league goals...

So in came the first actual payment of the year... Mark Ceraolo from the Conference leagues for 20,000... So... Setting my sights on Torquay would be no problem... so i thought!!

Away to Torquay we went 2-0 down before half Time... needless to rub it in my new signing hit the bar, and Appleby my right winger hit the bar the minute after!

A sub later and thinks were looking not so good... Maynard hit the post and i was starting to wonder what was going wrong. Another sub at things clicked.... 2 goals and it became an easy relief....

Of course seeing 1 Own Goal(Swansea's defender!), 2 shots hitting the bar 1 hitting the post.... 1 red card to Torquay gaurenteed I had it all in that match!

So after... what was the result? a 6 point lead in division three table.. I think at this little stage i was really AVOIDING relegation!

The rest.... well that comes later when i gather the courage to play DERBY in the League cup 2nd round.... Here's hoping....

P.S. You can follow the travels of Swansea at this site

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