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CM Stories - Rushden & Diamonds / Sam Plummer  
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Listen to this.....this is the kind of thing that dreams are made of!!! I started in the Conference with,really,newcomers to the league Rushden & Diamonds(I will admit they did have £10million in the bank!).

The 1st season started off average just about hanging around at the top of the table but my team,which included several div 1 and prem rejects,began taking over and ended up storming it and also taking the FA Trophy in the process.

In my second season after promotion from the bottom league my previous season's top scorer,Carlo Corrizian,came into his own scoring 27 goals in a suprisingly easy season in which my team again stormed the Division(3)amassing over 100 points!!! I was now begining to become Very confident and during the div3 season i knocked Derby out of the FA Cup!

The next season,now in Div2, was, yet again highly succsessful as i AGAIN stromed the league in 1st place making it 3 promations in 3 seasons coming 1st each time!!!

I was expexting to get slaughted in the 1st division the following season but again teams seemed to just cave in. Despite this i only finished 3rd(!) and eneded up falling at the 1st hurdle of the play-offs to Huddersfield. The next season,however, I was to get my revenge.

I was begining to gather together quite a top class team whilst STILL having the same ground size I had in the conference!!!(6500 with 2500 seated!) Tore Andre Flo was among the players as I again breezed through the league finishing up as clear winners with Steve Simonsen also keeping goal as the team prepared to join England's elite.

Expecting an absolute mauling in the Prem i was pleasently suprised when my chairman (Max Griggs) pumped a huge £22milliion into the club whilst also increasing the capacity of Nene Park to 15000 all seater.

A few major signings later and I'd finished the season as League cup Semi-finalists and a very Creditable 5th in the league, thanks to the fantastic talents of Cherno Samba, thus earning me a UEFA Cup spot. The capacity was again imroved apon in my next season (to 20000) as I defeated Besiktas in the UEFA Cup 1st Round 5-1 on agg.

So far I'm currently 1st in the Prem after about 10 or so games clear on goal difference with Torpedow Moscow in the next round of the UEFA Cup.......and the dream goes on!!!!

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