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CM Stories - Rushden & Diamonds / Nick  
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When i started with Rushden i thought that a push for the play offs would be possible! having said that, i looked at the finances and it said that i had £9 million to splash in the market (i didnt cheat with puting the money up to that in the editor).

i did the george graham thingy and started on my defence, bringing in Winston Bogarde for £1.2 million and Hayden Foxe from West Ham for £1.8 million. I then set about getting rid of the players that would not feature for me at all. So i set about the friendlies against Middlesbrough, Raith Rovers and Birmingham. 1-1 draws with both Middlesbrough and Birmingham was overshadowed by the disgusting 1-0 loss to Raith Rovers at their backyard!

Won't bore you anymore with that season apart from i won the league by 11 points, and took Leicester and Southampton out of the FA cup before being hammered 4-1 by sunderland. During the close season i felt i needed a seasoned striker and an experienced midfielder plus another quality centre back. Roberto Baggio suprisingly came on a free but commanded a £25,000 per week wage. Also on a free came Theodore Whitmore but then had to pay £950, 000 for a very unhappy Mathew Upson.

Max Briggs also had the stadium expanded by 7.000 seats, good old sole. I thought that this would be the second season in succession of promotion, that happened with relative ease and also which pleased myself even further was that i picked up the FA Vase, beating Hull 2-0 in the final on aggregate.

So, now to join the big boys of the nationwide, of which Leicester, Southampton and Charlton were all amongst. More players came, Jordan Stewart from Leicester for £500,000, Jermaine Jenas came from Notts Forest for £750, 000 and some young players from the youth setup. Again, Max Briggs expanded the stadium by a further 2,000 seats. A friendley competition ('Live Aid' was the name, dont ask why) Liverpool, Walsall and Brighton all agreed to take part, Liverpool beat Walsall in the final 3-0 whilst i came in 3rd beating Brighton 4-0 after i was knocked out 2-1 by Walsall.

Manchester United offered a friendley at my place and beat me comprehensively 3-1. Roberto Baggio was off loaded to Notts Forest after his constent moaning that the club needed a bigger squad, he went for £300,000.

Two games in and 2 points on the board with draws against Notts Forest and Portsmouth. Lets push for the premiership, but Newcastle have sacked Robson, and oh im tempted to take it if they offer it to me after i applied.

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