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CM Stories - Portsmouth /hehe tis me  
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Please note this is on the CM 99/00 game***

After following Pompey for 10 years, i thought id have an easy time when i strolled through the gates at Fratton Park. (i usually play as Tottenham or Southampton)

I looked at the squad on he first training session and i knew if i were to challenge for a play off place, big changes would need to be made, so i first off al revamped my coaching staff.

Chris Waddle was bought in and so was Walter Zenga, Waddle as a coach and Zenga as a player coach but i never intended for the former Italian to have much of an active playing role.

Out went some of the youngsters and i got rid of 11 players in my first week!

anyway, i finally decided to adapt a 4-3-1-2 type formation and i had already made my mind up that Guy Whittingham was to be my skipper and the main focus for any attacking plays.

The friendlies were booked, Away to Coventry and a tour of Scotland which included matches against St.Johnstone, Falkirk and the big one against Celtic.

A good start against Coventry saw Jeff Peron come away with 2 goals and Luke Nightingale squeezed a penalty in after coming on as a sub in the last minute of the game but my best defender, Darren Moore tore his cruciate ligament and the doctors verdict? Out for 15 months!

Flying off to bonnie scotland i was in dire straits, I had foolishly accpeted a bid for 2.2M for Rory Allen from my arch rivals Southmpton and with Moore out, i had since learned that bot Nightingale and Awford had food poisining, must be the haggis thought.

Looking ahead to Falkirk and Celtic i played a few of the players i wasnt sure about, and Alan Kniht, my veteran keeper broke his wrist in the first minute, so on comes Andy Petterson, and 4 minutes into the game Andy was caught by the St. Jonstone Striker and as he was carried off, i looked at the bench and realised i had lost my keepers! Walter smiled and as he was not one of the subs he threw new signing Paul Dillon in goal. Paul did not have a good gamer and when the final whistle blew the Boys had let 7 in and managd just 2. Again Perron finding the net and a nice freekick from Guy.

Falkirk came and Paul Dillon was already requesting to leave! I only sined him 7 days ago!

Falkirk was better. nil nil at half time and with Zenga in goal the lads were motivated by a former international keeper and 4 goals in the last 7 minutes, 1 from Calridge, 1 from Dillon, a penalty coverted by Bradbury and an own goal lent me hopes that Celtic would fall to the might of Portsmouth City FC!!

However, all was not to be. Celtic brushed us aside and at half time we were down 3-1 a ole fnish from lee Bradbury.

But i had an ace up my sleeve, I had clinched a free transfer by the name of David Platt, it was only for a year and Platty was here to help out in the coacing side of thimgs as well. But i reckon that the man from Crewe was paid by Cetic. Final score? Portsmouth 1 Celtic 7. Platt got 3 own goals.

Right now im thinking "Oh dear" and new signing Suleman Sluyeman was injured for 6 months in training. and a wave of food poisoning followed by the flu was as much as i could stand.

On the first day of the season this was my Injured roster:
Knight, Petterson, Awford, Thogesson, Slueyman, Perron, Whittingham, Bradbury, Pettifer, Platt, Dillon, Moore, Philips, McLoughlin & Waterman. ..and new signing, 210k from spurs Ledley King was found to have a torn hamstring at the medical

Thats 16 players OUT before i had even seen a competive ball kicked!

Enough was enough,i crumbled under the presure and retired from Football!

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