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CM Stories - Plymouth Argyle /Trevor Dyer  
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Got the message from the board "Attain a respectable league position" A hard job for a person playing CM for the first time in his life. Especially for me with a divsion 3 club with only £9,000 pounds to spend.

After 3 matches and 22nd in the league i decided to make my first signing Jamie Pace from Carshalton in the non - league. On his debut he scored and setup 2 goals (MY FIRST WIN OF THE SEASON!) 2 weeks further and thanks to the sale of Wayne O' Sullivan to Reading i had enough money to splash out on 2 new players - Carl Laurie from Northwitch Victoria a $50,000 bargain and Mark Tyler of Peterbrough for £150,000. All my signings stayed ever present for the rest of the season.

About half the season in I was given a vote of confidence from the board which was surprising as i was 10th in the league and only 6 points away form the playoffs. At that point my league record was played 20 won 11 drawn 2 and lost 8.

I had made one new signing for Plymouth from local rivals Torquay. He was Kevin Hill a specialist free kick taker for only £40,000. during his season he scored 9 goals in 18 games for Plymouth.

End of the season arrives and i was seating comfortably at 6th position in division 3, having already gaining a playoff place i decided to splash out £35,000 on Mark Sale from Rushen and Diamonds but i wish i hadn't.

Plymouth 2 - Exeter 0 - 1st leg  - scorers stonebridge x2
Exeter 1 - Plymouth 3 - 2nd leg - scorers stonebridge x2, pace

Plymouth 1 - Leyton Orient 1
penalties - Plymouth 4 - Leyton orient 3 - scorers stonebridge, pace ,wotton + hill

Not a bad season for a first timer!

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