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CM Stories - Millwall / Jon O'Neill  
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In most games i start on cm i start as a smaller team i have had great success with charlton, boro and spurs....but i decided i wanted a harder task so i decided to take over at millwall.

luckily there is alot of good young players who mature into real stars i.e. marc bircham,byron bubb david livermore,paul ifil,lucas neill. i didnt have a bean to spend in the first year so i captured tabrio west on a free and he was installed as my captain...also signed alain roche but he was only backup for Joe Dolan.

my first year was easy pickings for the players i had..far too good for division 2 so i won the league without any problems by 13 points..i also had a little fa cup run where i managed to beat a depleated liverpool side at anfield only to be knocked out in the semis by ipswich. when the season was over i decided i needed to expand the squad but with little resourses i bought Tonton Zola Mokouko on a bosman.

in div 1 i conceaded it was not going to be as easy as div 2 so i kept my team..i only dropped kinet for mokouko and make him my playmaker....i made an amazing start to the season beating blackburn 4-0 at home on the first day, then i went on to win my first 13 as it went on i conceaded way to many goals so i looked for a keeper and found young chad harpur from leeds on a free transfer with him in goal i went half way through the season without losing top of the table by far.

i could smell the premiership in my hands next year so i needed reinforcements quickly so i signed dugarry for 1 mill and young italian striker luca toni for 2.5. i had some cash for selling cherno samba and matt lawrence and things went mad. i went on to win both the league cup and the fa cup, beating liverpool manu and arsenal on the way and luckily getting bradford and southampton in the finals. i won div 1 by 8 points and finished up with the treble...

i knew next year was going to be a battle so i signed ibrahimovic merson on a free graham barrat on a free and jan prochazka for 200k. i am currently in the prem and im 1st after 18 games mokouko and byron bubb r my top scorers and tabrio west is copeing well...i have beaten rangers at ibrox in the uefa cup and im awaiting the return game. this is my team now just singed albert celades from real b team for 2.3 mill and turned down Arsenal job.

Chad Harpur

Bircham (c) - West

Lucas Neill - David Livermore

Paul Ifill - Byron Bubb


Ibrahimovic - Luca Toni

from Jon O'Neill

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