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CM Stories - Manchester Utd /Felton  
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I decided to take control of Man Utd and completely ruin any title hopes of the club I hate most. So I put every player on the wing and no one in goal, I sold Beckham to Inter and the rest of my decent* players to various other clubs. So I went on holiday and lost most of my matches in scores like 20-0, coming back from holiday to check I hadn't been sacked. I came last in the Premier Division so got relegated.

I then bought useless players like Arild Stavrum and used the same tactics to come last in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd division and get relegated to the conference. In the conference I had embarrassing defeats like 28-0 against Worksop Utd. So I finished last in the conference and Man Utd were out of all divisions. YEY!

I am now in 2010 in that game not managing Man U, who haven't come back up since.

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