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CM Stories - Manchester Utd /Robbie B  
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Season 1...

Starting up Cm3 for the first time in a whole year I was looking forwards to starting of with my team Manchester United. I was expecting the previous 3-5-2 domination of win after win after win like I did with them before against the hordes of foreign legions.

I started off placing many people on the transfer list. Phil Neville, Raimond Van Der Gouw and many other players who wouldn't be needed went onto the list. I promoted Nicky Culkin from being a youth guy to my secondary keeper.

Starting off the season with a friendly match against Harrow Borough with a relative youth team I was amazed with the skill of Andy Cole and Dwight Yorke who both netted two goals apeice. The main achievement of the match was how out of 36 shots, 26 being on target only four found themselves into the back of the net..... Prior to that Harrow had 2 shots on target and BOTH went past Culkin.

A 4-2 win proved that I hadn't lost my talent! :). But realiseing if Culkin can't save two shots against non league Harrow what chance will he have against the Premiership gaints. Back came Van Der Gouw and out went Culkin to the reserves.

A shock experience for the fans as Phil Neville went bye bye off to Celtic up in Scotland for a whuppin 4.9 million bucks for me.

Happy as I was it was Arsenal who i had to face next. With Dwight Yorke being called up on international duty this early in the game and Mark Bosnich picking up an injury I placed my fears on a heafty lost as on went Van Der Gouw.

The final result turned out to be a sweet 1-1 draw with Cole scoring the goal that saved our good for nothing butts. On it went to penalties and Solskjaer and Keane missed, which ended with a 4-3 win to Arsenal...

Aching I looking up to our NEXT game. A European Qualifying game against the Icelandic, IA ARKANES.. The first leg being away from home I wasn't worried about anything just hoping for a two nil win or more.. To my surprise Manchester went off with a 5-0 win with Andy Cole scoring 3!

Up came the first Premiership match of the season, Charlton was trickly removed 1-0, Then away against Middlesborough (1-1) and a home trip to take on Arkanes for the second leg.

The match was surprising... I was hoping for a win since in against Charlton it was an 85th minute goal from Cole which got us the win and against Middlesborough going down 1-0 in the 71st minute only to have Cole blast the 1-1 goal in the 87th minute giving me relief....

The game to my surprise was a disapointing 1-1... We won 6-1 but compared the match was pretty pasive on Manchester's part.

Ending off the month we had a glorious game with Teddy Sheringham and Jordi Cruyff injured, replacing striker Cole scored a whupping hat trick to help us thrash Nottingham Forest 6-0!

The season went on to the next month as Jordi Cruyff came back only to go off and get injured. Blackburn (0-0) followed by Aston Villa (1-1) didn't help our league struggle.

Then came the big Liverpool screw job as Jamie Redknapp finally was allowed to come to Manchester for a payment of 12.5 million!

The following game rose doubts about our ability to win in Europe as Manchester took on Phil Neville and Celtic.

Andy Cole was injured for 2 months in this amazingly poor game of 0-1 to Celtic.. With our top stiker out things went pretty much goaless.

A 2-0 win at Newcastle helped a huge lot but that followed with 0-1 losses to Chelsea at home... The Euro campaign setted off as Manchester hammed Ajax 2-1.

The following month and Jordi Cruyff back only to get injured in the next match against Leicester (1-0) and Paul Scholes getting injured too soon... Another win 1-0 to Tottenham catapulted Manchester 3rd in the table with Chelsea UNBEATEN at the top!

Off we went to Athletico Bilbao in Europe and back home we came with a 1-0 win! :) The Derby match though was showing how Mark Bosnich future hang in doubt as he let in three shots to give them a half time score of 3-0!

Van Der Gouw was even better in goal and 2 goals from Sheringham plus a last minute srtike gave us a lucky 3-3 draw in one of the biggest matches ever. The league cup started and fielding a reserve side with most of the usual player on the injury list we were out in the third round with a 1-0 lost to Tottenham.

We were pushed down to 5th place with a poor home lost against Leeds United and the next month didn't look good.

A change in the formation and we had it all set! Beating Athletico Bilbao at home 1-0 followed with a 0-0 draw away to Everton and the changes started to happen!

Dean Blackwell was called into the sqaud with a 925K payment to Wimbledon! He was brilliant! Our defence was cured!

Against Coventry he stopped every tackle set up both of the first goals and scored the last to give us a happy 3-0 win! Against Southampton away we came off with a three -nil win! The following European game against Celtic gave us a 2-1 win and a certain qualification!

Sheffield Wednesday went down next as we won 2-0 and that followed with a 2-0 win over West Ham in December.

The last game in Europe against Ajax was a shocking 4-0 win for us AWAY! followed by a 3-1 win against Wimbledon!

Micheal Clegg left to go to Arsenal and Wes Brown rejected to stay at Manchester United deciding he would be better off at ARSENAL when his contract ends! With this in came German Thomas Linke who didn't have a brilliant debut but he was good enough.

A 2-1 win against Arsenal followed by a 4-2 win against Middlesborough secured our spot at 1st in the Premiership with Liverpool 2 points behind BUT 2 games in hand...

The future it seems looks bleek for United as Mark Bosnich is always going on International duty during important matches, Jordi Cruyff is always injured and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has scored 3 in an amazing 18 games..... Cole returned as did Redknapp who did the pleasure of a 2 assist and a goal against wimbledon...

The second part of the season I can see, we will have to stop doing those 0-1 loses to big teams.... Chelsea, are now right in at 5th place! Let's hope Manchester and I will lift the Premiership and The European and FA cup this season... Maybe we will do so.

This is a brilliant game... And I've not cheated in this one ever! Cheating spoils the fun... All the results you see there are NOT from repeat playing but from pure luck when playing! :)... (I'm talented!)

From Robbie B

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