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Vom Held zum Loser /Jamie Hewitt  
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During my 27 year stay at Mansfield Town, I'd managed to get a few things (to say the least) accomplished. Within only 8 years I'd gotten to the Premiership from Division 3, but the strangest things happened when I reached my first Champions League final against Bayern Munich.

Desperate for a big win due to Premiership shortcomings, striker Joe Pemberton scored a hat trick to lead my team to a 3-2 victory. This unusual event occured next year when I reencountered Bayern Munich in the same game a year later.

This time, however, Mr. Pemberton's fortunes swung the other way, getting sent off in the first minute to forewarn a hefty beating from the Germans.

There are other strange and unreal tales of my (mis)fortunes, but this one seemed the most worthy...

Jamie Hewitt

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