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CM Stories - Hereford United / Bryan Saunders  
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Hello my name is Bryan Saunders and this is my story about managing Hereford United then Australia

I was introduced to championship manager in 1997 and was impressed. I own the 2001/2002 season now and I love the game.

I always like to work my way up because that is a true test of any mangers skill so I took over Hereford united in the conference division. Well I started pre season ok with a couple of losses and a 0-0 draw with a division 2 side.

Then the conference season started. A loss to Dags and Red and then a 1-1 draw with Nuneaton borough and I thought that I might be able to achieve something. I did achieve something I went the next 16 games with straight defeats and no matter what I tried I couldn't get it right. So after 18 games I was dead last in the conference with 1 point and I decided to resign as manger form Hereford and pondered over what I did wrong. I realised I hadn't taken advantage of bosman rulings and free transfers during pre season and had not made much money with selling players.

So I retired and then decided to manage my country Australia see if I could get them to the world cup. I had two friendlies against Uzbekistan and New Zealand which ended up in 3-1 and 3-0 victories. Then It was announced Ecuador would be my opponents in the playoff for the world cup. The first game was at home and to my horror after 30 minutes I was 2-0 but Viduka pulled one back before half time but then right after half time Ecuador made it 3-1 and I thought the Australian world cup hoodoo might continue. Then a penalty and Lucas Neill converts and some hope as its 3-2 now. Then in the 78th minute Viduka scores again and its 3-3 and back on level terms. It gets to the 90th minute and its still 3-3 when Viduka completes his hatrick and makes the first leg mine with a 4-3 win. A pleasing result indeed considering but still a very delicate tie with 3 away goals too Ecuador.

The return leg and I look to play a more defensive pattern with counter attack. Then before half time A goal to The legend Harry Kewell and its 1-0 at half time. It goes up to the 80th Minute and it looks like my tactics were right until Ecuador pulls one back to make it a tense final ten minutes. But in the 89th minute Neill puts one away and I run around the room as I know Australia has sealed qualification.

I was Drawn in Belgium, Nigeria's and South Koreas group wish me luck

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