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CM Stories - Many tales of CL-Failures / J. Stevens  
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After many years of playing CM2, CM97/98, CM3, CM99/00 + CM00/01 and many success and failures, I have realised one thing. That in all my history as a CM manager with losing in the World Cup Final with Germany on CM97/98, losing the Div 1 play-off final with my home town club Reading, getting sacked, buying big and winning serie A with Juventus on CM00/01 and beating my brother to that title, I have never won the European Champions League!!!

After many attempts at it with Man Utd, Lazio, Juventus, Inter, Bayern Munich and even with my home town club Reading (when we lost in the qualifying round anyway) I have never won it, that elusive European Cup, the holy grail of management.

My first chance was with Bayern Munich on CM97/98 when I was beaten by my German rivals Dortmund in the Semi Finals 2v1+ 1v0. That was also the year I lost in the World Cup 98 final with Germany to Brazil 2v0, although I did win the German title and the cup that year.

My next challenge was when I was manager of Man Utd on CM3, although this was a disaster year when I lost in the first phase and got sacked 3 weeks later. My next big challenge was some years later, literally, when on CM00/01 on my fist game with Lazio I went all the way to the final in just my second year in charge, but only to play Barcelona. My team was great with Crespo, Palermo (my faviourite player on CM) and Claudio Lopez up front with a great midfield of Beckham, Giannichedda and Figo I thought this would be my year. It wasn't to be as we lost 4v2 to the Spanish giants. Once again that year I had taken the league title but not the Champions League.

I was not going to give up though and my next challenge was with Juventus, on a network with my brother. He was Inter and I Juventus. The season before my big day or not, my brother had taken the Serie A title the year before my many points with me second. The second year though with my team in class form I took the Serie A title but what I wanted most was that Champions League title. My team of course with Martin Palermo and many other world class talents such as Davids, Zidane, Ze Roberto and Frank De Boer I was very confident. But I met that team again Barcelona and of course went and lost 2v0. I was distraught again.

But I keep going and on my current game in which I started at Dag & Red but am now Inter and yes I did add manager I have already failed twice. The fourth year of my game brought me to the Semi Finals of the Champions League against would you believe it Barcelona, again in which of course we lost again 6v3 on agg. I also lost the title to Lazio. My latest failing with Inter was two days ago when I lost to Leverkusen and Man Utd won to knock me out in the second phase. My team with Palermo of course, Ronaldo, Piola three class strikers, Vieira, Recoba and Pirlo in Midfield and Thuram and Hyypia at the centre of my defence with Candela and Panucci as full backs and Jonathan in goal have lost three titles to Lazio with Inter second and me in charge twice. I need to rebuild the team for next year and have signed F.De Boer as coach and a young super star from Man Utd called Mads Timms. I may have a chance of that European title next year, But i'll never give up.

From a very frustrated Jonathan Stevens

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