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CM Stories - Colchester & Darlington / M. Hearn  
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I decided to start a league as Colchester after being them round a friends house. I had no money and only a few decent players e.g Mark Sale, Joe Dunne, David Greene and Paul Newell. With little money I managed to make 3 free transfer signings, David Whyte, Emmanuel Ommoyimni and Peter Shearer.

In the first season I won the league by two points and Mark Sale became top scorer with around 37 goals. I reached the final of the Auto Winderscreen but was beaten by high flying Wrexham 3-1.

Reaching the 2nd division I knew I had to sign a few players so I signed Nigerian international Ohen to replace Whyte and some Japenese player at Left back. The season went really quick with my league performances excellent, but my cup form enough to be compared with Taribo West's hairstyle being knocked out of every cup. I end up finish 2nd in the league and going up to div 1.

In the pre season I signed two new players Godwin Okpara and fake star Costas Sergi, Spanish Left winger. My season started off well and by christmas I was 6th. Soon my form slumped and by the end of January I was 15th.

A few weeks later I was offered a job at Darlington, 23rd in div 3. I felt I needed a change so took the job. I brought Darlington from 23rd to 14th. Soon after I signed fake striker William Howells who soon became best striker in div 3 and Micheal Branch on loan from Everton. My team went from 15th to 3rd with a month, unbeaten. Little did I know my luck was about to change when Everton called back Micheal Branch. I tried to sign him permantley but I couldn't afford him. So I signed some Bulgarian AM/FL but he did nothing and in that season I lost the play-off final to Kidderminster who I had beaten handsomely twice in the year.

The following season I did poor and got sacked! This just proves that on computer games one player can make a team.

By Matt Hearn

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