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CM Stories - China Story / Andrew Cockburn  
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After winning everything in the game with my favourite team Sunderland and then doing brilliant with a couple of Conference sides i decided to try something different - I chose to manage China as i doubt that many people will have tried that.

Firstly I put my nationality in as Hong Kong because strangely it doesn't have Chinese, besides Hong Kong is now a part of China anyway. Another good reason for choosing China was because my wife is Chinese and I was over in China and Hong Kong last year.

I started off fairly well getting through to the Semi-Finals of the Asian Cup but all that was on my mind was the World Cup - could I qualify? When the 1st Round Qualifying stage came around I lost the first game, away to Mongolia but then won every other game to qualify for Round 2 easily.

In Round 2 the group table had 5 teams each playing each other home and away = 8 games. The top team qualified for the World Cup and the 2nd team needed to go into a play off so there was not much room for error. But amazingly I went on to win all 8 games which I thought was my biggest achievement in Championship Manager to date. I had took China into the World Cup proper.

Guess what happened next? The bastards sacked me!
I have heard that the Chinese are a cold blooded lot, don't tell the wife though, but i can't work out how winning every game in the group resulted in the sack.
How could I do any better? Does anyone else have any similar experiences?
Please email me...

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