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CM Stories - Chelsea / Chizzy Anderson  
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Whilst playing a two player in the English league, many strange occurrences took place in the first season, the least of which being my friend winning the premiership without buying any players at Everton. Stephen Hughes making a huge contribution scoring 26 league goals. My Chelsea team on the other hand did not fair so well in the first season.

Being put out of the FA cup by Everton in the fourth round just about summed the whole season up. Languishing in 16th for most of the season I thought things couldn't get much worse, but I still had too play Man Utd twice. Luckily for me they had two off days, Chelsea winning 5 - 2 at Old Trafford and then putting 3 past them with no reply at the Bridge. For all the laughs I got from these results, I soon found myself winding up 14th at the end of the season, and then jobless.

Not wishing to desert my club I quickly put myself in as their new manager and set about changing several mistakes I had made. I changed my formation too a 5-3-2 att. As opposed to my awful variation which had 3 defensive midfielders and 2 centre halves. Choosing now to play De Goey in goal; John Terry, Dino Baggio and Robert Malcolm as my back three; Albert Ferrer and Graeme Le Saux as wing backs; Dennis Wise and Jay Richardson (Due too Jody Morris suffering a season ending injury in a pre season friendly against Fulham) with Mario Stanic playing ahead of them; And going for the unlikely combination of Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink and Leon Knight as my front two. What followed was a shock for both my friend and myself.

I started the season in brilliant style, stretching my lead at the top by 12 points at the Christmas break. What seemed even stranger is that the mighty Everton side of the season before had lost its way and were now staring relegation in the face. The season finished with Chelsea winning the league and FA cup, and Everton eventually finding some form finishing 6th. I soon bought several more young Scottish, English and Dutch players too strengthen my squad, learning the best way too build a team is by playing youngsters instead of buying expensive foreigners.

Stranger things have happened!
Chizzy Anderson

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