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CM Stories - Chealsea & Reading/ Splinter Boel  
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I started of my first season at Chelsea. Didn't do quite as brilliant as my board expected from. My team was not very consistent, reaching (and losing) the final of the League Cup but getting knocked out at the third round of the FA cup at Leeds United.

I the league I was on 6th place and under fire of my board, suddenly things were going better grabbing 10 points out of four consecutive matches, I thought I was on my way up to Champions League spot, but my board fired me after this 4 game without losing streak, I was gutted, there were only 5 games left in the season.

Going into summer break without a team. I became manager of First Division team Reading (they got promoted in the first season) 10 matches into the season, they were 7th in the league.

I had a little cash, but by selling a few players I was able to buy some Premiership outcasts. Wiltord, Wreh (both Arsenal), Matteo (Leeds), Carr, Dominquez (Tottenham) all left the Premiership bench for first team football with Reading. In the meantime Chelsea fired their new coach Egil Olsen after just three matches in the second season - so he did not do any better than me.

I won a lot of games and everything was going great with Mark Nicholls of Chelsea (who didn't play any matches in my time at Chealsea) becoming a profilic goalscorer, scoring 13 goals in 20 appearances. I reached the playoffs (third place) and the FA Cup final(!) after beating Liverpool and Leeds in the quarter and semi-final.

How did it end? guess, I lost in the final of the playoffs with a 1-0 defeat against Coventry and also lost the FA cup final aginst Huddersfield (also 0-1) and ended up with nothing.

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