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CM Stories - Celtic Glasgow /Darren McGlinchey  
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It all started of as the usual clear out of players such as agathe, sutton, berkovic, larsson, scheidt and riseth. With the transfer funds I received from clubs such as Sunderland and Manchester United I made the usual purchases of Kalam Mooniaruck, Ben Muirhead, Willie Howie, Mark Gower and the call up to the main squad of Simon Lynch.

I then formed an unbeatable threesome in midfield consisting of Paul Lambert, Willie Howie and Mark Gower and the prolific attack of Mark Burchill, Simon Lynch and Ben Muirhead. This team then ran a mock in the leauge for the next two years while only losing three games and this lead to two succesful trebles but unfortunately very unsuccesful UEFA cup and Champions Leauge campaigns. So in my 3rd season i knew i needed a big spending spree to emulate the all so famous year of 1967.

I then brought in the all so familier faces of Jesper Hakansson, Nicolas Anelka, Steven Gerrard and Andrea Pirlo and in the process spending about 35 million pounds this put me in a position of "i must succeed", I then started to show my true abilities in the Champions Leauge by winning in stadiums such as the Nou Camp, Old Trafford and the Bernabue.

Then it came down to the finale of facing PSV in the Champions Leauge final, this was a couple of weeks after sealing the Leauge Cup and the Leauge Championship for the third year running. I had to win 2 games in 6 days to seal the quadruple. The PSV game kicked off and i was flying within the first 25 minutes for i had stormed into a 3-0 lead with Nicolas Anelka scoring twice and the now 8M valued Ben Muirhead putting away a spot kick. I ended up easy 4-1 winners and i was extatic and then beat the Gers 5-2 in the SCOTTISH CUP FINAL 5 days later, and now cannot wait to try my hand at the World Club Cup, and i have no doubt that my Bhoys will conquer.

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