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CM Stories - Why me? /Gareth Parry  
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4 years (real-time) have passed since I succumbed to one of CM2's most annoying bugs - the automatic job switch. After guiding my hometown club (Cardiff City) to the Premiership title, Coca Cola cup semi and a UEFA Cup 5th round place all in one season, I thought things could only continue to improve. After all, there was further conquest in Europe, the ongoing contract negotiations with Alan Shearer (he did join the year before but on a 1 year contract), and a trip to Wembley against Nottingham Forest.

Little did I know that Paul and Olly Collyer had designs on my future and bundled me off to Liverpool. Aw s**t! Sub-standard performances by the biggest bunch of Spice Boys ever seen caused me to have a virtual-paranoia attack. What's worse, Graeme Souness was mucking about back down at Ninian Park, selling Michael Oakes for a paltry sum and giving a free transfer to Andy Mainwaring (my non-league prodigy).

A few months later, after losing a european spot on goal difference, I handed in my notice and returned to the south, taking on the mighty West Ham of Division 1 (don't laugh). Bringing in Andy Mainwaring (him again!); and a young Emile Heskey, things began to prosper and lo, I slowly climbed the table, clinching the playoff final against Oldham (3-1 aet - Andy Mainwaring 2, Boogers 1). Back in the Premier and an international offer from Wales. It just shows that the big clubs are not always good for your career.

To all those still playing CM2 (get updated guys), if you get stuck with a club you don't want. Quit and join another. It may not make much sense but it works.

Incidentally, Wales were knocked out of Euro 2004 by a late goal from Del Piero. But at least I got them that far.

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