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CM Stories - Blackburn Rovers / Graeme Ward  
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It was the 21st October 2001 after a successful season at Aston Villa the previous season finising 3rd and winnig the FA Cup in need a new challenge. Cue Blackburn Rovers. After being promoted the previous season they were struggling in 17th and 12 points after 12 games.

I applyed for the managers spot at Blackburn and after a week i was managing Blackburn. My first actions were to release most of the old players like Peacock and Flitcroft. With my new cash i started spending - i brought in Peter Schmichael, Matt Le Tisser, Jon Harley, Jermaine Pennent and Pedro Dimas from Newcastle. My first game was at home to Sunderland and a hatrick from John Hartson sealed my 3-0 win.

6 games passed and after winning all of them and only conceding 3 goals disaster struck my top forward Hartson who had 21 goals had a £5 million release fee and was signed by Spurs. And even worse my next game was away to the all might Liverpool league Champions and current league leaders. The first minute and a goal by young Ben Burgess on his debut. 22nd minute and Duff is brought down in the area and a penelty is given. Westerveld is sent off and Peggy Arexenpeg is in goal. Duff scores. Duff scores again and it's 0-3 to Blackburn. The 46th minute and Le Tisser scores a 40 Yard scorcher. The last minute and another Pen Duff steps up and scores his 3rd.

This is the beginnig of the end for Liverpool after this they lose 5 in a row to make Coventry joint leaders with West Ham and Blackburn close behind. The last day of the season and 4 teams can win the Championship. The league is like this:
1.West Ham Pts 72
2.Blackburn Pts 70
3.Coventry Pts 69
4.Liverpool Pts 69

I'm playing Coventry at home, West Ham are playing Newcastle at home and Liverpool are away to Ipswich. I win comftably 4-0 and Liverpool lose 3-2. So it's all down to Newcastle it's 1-0 and in the last minute Alan Shearer scores to draw the game and we both have 73 points but thanks to my superb defense and forwards Blackburn the Premier League season 2001/2002.

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